Soft boy's outfits - Guidelines, necessities

"Soft boy" outfits are a male fashion style, which is more suitable for men who want to show they're more sensitive side and artistic hobbies. 

Many "soft boys" are people who like music, photography, art, philosophy and so on.

This aesthetic is actually easy to achieve, and the price of the wallet is surprisingly cheap.

This is on our guide to "how to dress like a soft child".

Soft Boy Outfits

Common tops to achieve the beauty of "soft boy" include:
              • Oversized Vintage long sleeves
              • Extra large sweater
              • Retro air circuit breaker
              • Bowling Shirt
              • Denim jacket
              • Striped Shirt
Once you remove your hair and accessories, the rest is very easy.
Tender boy clothes are all about retro and comfort.


If you want to reduce the beauty of "soft boy", you need to start with your hair.
The best way to achieve "soft boy hair" is to grow it to medium length, trim both sides, and shape it in a somewhat messy or curtain like way.


          • Aesthetic round glasses
          • Cuban chain
          • Minimalist ring
          • Vintage Casio digital watch
          • Comfortable high socks
          • Black bean
The soft boy shape uses a variety of accessories.
From Cuban chains to round glass.You do not mean for these accessories to be overwhelming and flashy - you want them to compliment your overall style and be subtle.


Most soft boy clothes have classic shoes, such as:
              1. Nike Air Forces
              2. Converse
              3. Vans
              4. Nike AirMax
              5. Adidas Stan Smith 
These shoes are not difficult to buy and the price is reasonable.


Jeans can be loose or slim.A good harvest is always ideal, but you can reach the same effect with a pin.

Numerous soft boys' jeans are classic Levi's.

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