Soft boy Outfits - Style And Origin

 The "soft boy" Aesthetic - Tiktok's latest fashion trend - has occupied the Internet (frankly, our hearts).Ask any teenager who uses Tiktok about "soft boy", and you are likely to see a faint sign.They're sensitive and artistic nature makes them deeply loved by women.

A soft boy is a person who forgets cultural expectations of masculinity.He is not tough. But no threat.Instead of spending a Sunday afternoon watching football, he was busy reading poetry and going to listen to the Smiths' music.

Next, we will teach you what soft boy fashion is, the source of the word, and how to wear soft boy clothes like a soft boy, which you can easily reproduce.Superstars such as BTS, Timothy chairman and Harry styles are leading the trend. Now it's time to learn how you can also dress like the famous #software on the Internet.

What is a soft boy?

The term "soft boy" only refers to a young man who likes clothes, hobbies, personality, and the overall aesthetics usually considered to be women.Like the avant-garde electronic toy, the aesthetics of soft boy was born in Tiktok.This aesthetic is quite popular in generation Z and is deeply influenced by K-pop and social media.Due to soft colors, prints and smooth fabrics, soft boys' fashion is the most prevalent in spring.

Soft boys usually have creative hobbies, such as art, photography, music, poetry or philosophy.You can often watch them in museums, concerts, libraries and hip-hop bars.But be careful!In the dating world, soft men have a reputation for heartbreak.

The origin of soft boy Aesthetics

This soft boy style first appeared on the Internet in the late 1980s.The soft boy's aesthetic is considered to be part of the Internet subculture like the electronic boy.In 2019, this trend quickly will become popular among generation Z audiences on social media websites such as Tiktok, instagram and Tumblr.Young celebrities such as Timothy calamity, Harry stiles and Jaden Smith also like it.

The aesthetic view of the gentle boy was born in an age full of masculinity.In a world of my, soft boys refuse traditional masculine ideals and are usually more gentle and non threatening.

If you don't talk about K-pop, it's impossible to talk about the aesthetic outlook of soft boys.Although this aesthetics has only been popular worldwide in the past few years, it has been fashionable in the K-pop world in South Korea from the beginning.You often see k-pop idols wearing feminine colors and fabrics, and many people have bleached blonde or pink hair.In most popular K-pop combinations today, at least one soft boy plays the role of "sensitive boy" in the combination.

How to dress like a soft boy

Soft boy style combines with traditional women's style, color and fabric.It combines various romantic, retro styles.You often see soft boys in fluffy sweaters, jackets and shirts like shirts.In a more formal environment, soft boy aesthetics deduces the classic men's wear cut through bold colors and rich fabrics.They usually wear swim suits and shorts with bright colors or velvet.

Wear retro style clothes

That's part of why aesthetics is so popular, because it's easy to replicate within the budget.You can find it in the local stableboy store or the stable-boy store.Retro clothes you may find in the soft boy's wardrobe include:

  • Light Wash Levi's Jeans
  • Trousers With High Waste Or Wrinkles
  • Windbreaker
  • Bowling Shirt
  • Comfortable Crew Neck Sweater
  • Cardigan

Soft boy accessories

Soft boys use accessories to make themselves look more artistic and academic.You often see them wearing round frame glass, necklaces, gold rings and vintage watches.They also like hats: bucket hats, curled caps and colorful baseball caps.


Soft boys stick to classic sneakers in plain colors.The top choices for 2020 include nike air forces, converse high tops, skate van or Adidas Stan Smith.The more beaten, the more you are placed in it, the better.Soft boys almost always wear white socks on sneakers and often cuff pants to display off.

Soft boy hair

A short haired soft boy is rarely seen.Most people have hair that is medium length.Thinking about timothy chairmen or Harry styles for soft curls and fluffy hair.Some gentle boys dye their hair bleached blonde or K-pop pastel.

Soft children's clothing

Soft boy clothes are surprisingly easy to copy.In addition, due to its super fit and soft fabric, most are expected to be very comfortable.

A casual, soft boy suit that can be paired with a striped long sleeved t-shirt, black or light washed skinny jeans and refreshing white sneakers.Putting cuffs on your pants and wears loose accessories.Some soft boys like to fold short sleeved striped T-shirts over long sleeved white t-shirts.Make sure your T-shirt has a fabulous retro feel.

In a cold weather look, wear a crew neck sweater, denim jacket and short pants.Wear with belt, sneakers and socks.Soft boys wish also to wear a white button or colored polo shirt under their sweaters and sweaters.

In addition to the denim jacket, the soft boy also wears flannel, cardigan and vintage windbreaker.Wearing your jacket with a white T-shirt and black denim pants.Tuck your shirt into your pocket and fasten your belt.Adding layered chain necklaces and rolled up beads.

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